A Season in Review

June 11, 2015

Today, Joe and David got a little personal about each other, sharing with you al who these guys are and where they have been over the years.  Telling about their travels to far away lands and people they have com across in this journey we call life.  They also re-capped a bit on some of the very special guests they have had on this show since the start in Feb of this year 2015. Grab your favriote drink and sit down, you don't want to miss this show!

Young Warrior speaks out

June 3, 2015

Corey Harris, an OIF Vet having served 2 combat tours in Iraq; once as an junior enlisted man and then as an Officer. He is a leading advocate for Veterans on the state and federal levels. He worked with Congressman Harry Mitchell on passing and implementing the Post 9-11 GI Bill. Corey has run for a seat in the Arizona Legislature and was listed as one of the "40 under 40" young, up and coming leaders in Arizona.
In the picture below: Dave Lucier (L), Cassie Harris (no relation) (C) and Corey Harris (R) at a Veterans Parade in Phoenix (2015).


Professor Mark Von Hagen

May 20, 2015

Professor Mark Von Hagen will be our guest today on the Veterans Heritage Hour.  Tune in to hear his thoughts on the future of Ukraine, Russia and NATO


Joe Galloway

May 15, 2015

A Conversation with Joe Galloway: From Refugio, Texas to the Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam. On his way to the Army recruiting station with his mother, he stopped by the local newspaper office...and the rest, they say, is history! Listen to Joe tell about his incredible journey and learn some things never before revealed.



Green Beret Larry Kerr

May 7, 2015

In this show, we talk to an old friend and a brother in arms, Larry Kerr. Larry is a two tour Vietnam combat veteran, (airborne, ranger, green beret). He led a special operations unit as an A - team commander and retired from the State Department after being posted around the world.

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Fahim Fazli

April 29, 2015

Fahim Fazli on the Veterans Heritage Hour.


Clovis Jones, US Army, Ret

April 23, 2015
Clovis Jones will join us on the Veterans Heritage Hour, Wednesday, April 22. Clovis is a retired Pilot/Captain with Federal Express, retired army Major, Airborne Infantryman with the 1st Cav Division at the battle of Ia Drang Valley and Attack Helicopter Pilot with the 101st Airborne "Toros". He is a Hall of Fame member of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals. Between tours in Vietnam, he was active in the civil rights movement and member of the Student Non Violent Coordination Committee.


Former US State Department and USAID Senior Official, Cap Dean.

April 15, 2015

Former US State Department and USAID Senior Official, Cap Dean is our guest on April 15. Cap was the USAID Mission Director in South Africa where he assisted Nelson Mandela's installment as President of a new democratic government. He was called back into service in 2004 to become the de-facto Mayor of Baghdad and Governor of Baghdad Province.


The Duke

April 9, 2015

Maj General Carl "Duke" Schneider, USAF (Ret) will be our guest on Wednesday, April 8th. The Duke flew 100 missions in Korea in the F-86 Sabre. Later in his career, he brought the FAC mission to Vietnam. He is in the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame, The Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame and ASU's College of Business Hall of Fame. If you love flying you will enjoying listening to this legendary stick and rudder pilot of a bygone era

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Warriors, Scholars, Leaders.

April 1, 2015

Today we talk about the veterans and education with our gust Joanna Sweatt from the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at Arizona State University.